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AWS CloudSearch Define Analysis Scheme

Configures an analysis scheme that can be applied to a text or text-array field to define language-specific text processing options.

AWS CloudSearch Delete Analysis Scheme

Deletes an analysis scheme.

AWS CloudSearch Describe Analysis Schemes

Gets the analysis schemes configured for a domain.

Datumbox Identifies the Sentiment of the Document

The Sentiment Analysis function classifies documents as positive, negative or neutral (lack of sentiment) depending on whether they express a positive, negative or neutral opinion.

Datumbox Classifies Document as Subjective or Objective

The Subjectivity Analysis function categorizes documents as subjective or objective based on their writing style. Texts that express personal opinions are labeled as subjective and the others as objective.

Datumbox Identifies the Sentiment of Twitter Messages

The Twitter Sentiment Analysis function allows you to perform Sentiment Analysis on Twitter. It classifies the tweets as positive, negative or neutral depending on their context.

Google Cloud Prediction Analyze

Get analysis of the model and the data the model was trained on.

Google PageSpeed Insights Run PageSpeed Analysis

Runs PageSpeed analysis on the page at the specified URL, and returns PageSpeed scores, a list of suggestions to make that page faster, and other information.

ParallelDots Emotion

# Introduction What does your API do? Sometimes the three classes of sentiment (positive, negative and neutral) are not sufficient to understand the nuances regarding the underlying tone of a sentence. Our Emotion Analysis classifier is trained o...

ParallelDots Keywords

# Introduction What does your API do? Keyword Generator are powerful tools in text analysis that can be used to index data, generate tag clouds and accelerate the searching time. It generates an extensive list of relevant keywords and phrases to ...

ParallelDots Semantic Similarity

# Introduction What does your API do? Semantic Analysis API helps users cluster similar articles by understanding the relatedness between different content and streamlines research by eliminating redundant text contents. # Overview Things that t...

Pingdom Get Root Cause Analysis Results List

Returns a list of the latest root cause analysis results for a specified check.

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